Welcome to the high field MRI website!

Welcome to the website of the high field MRI research group of the University Medical Center Utrecht


Our research lines incorporate inventions of MR technology to be able to see the unseen for advancing medicine. Our clinical research focus areas are cancer, dementia, cardiovascular, stroke and MSK.

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We are a team of about 50 researchers, engaged in medical science and eager to use advanced MR technology. In close collaboration with our clinical partners, we setup and execute novel research projects, mostly with the help of external funds. Through a large network of international academic and industrial collaborators we have embraced team science and aim to maximize advancing medical imaging.

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Our facility includes a 7T human whole body MRI system with several different consoles, a 9.4T and 7T preclinal MRI system with an identical console, RF coil labs, mechanical lab, RF cage for preparing 14T MRI (excluding magnet), and a room preped for a 7T METAscan.

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