Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy x-nuclei, body, brain

Metabolic imaging group

Imaging of metabolite levels to explore dynamic metabolic processes in the human body and brain

The Metabolic Imaging group aims at developing robust and highly sensitive metabolic imaging methods at ultra-high field for application in clinical studies on cancer, brain disorders, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease and muscle (patho)physiology.

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The MRS-group develops 1H, 2H, 31P, 13C, 19F and 23Na metabolic imaging methods in the brain and body for use at ultra-high field (7 Tesla) MR systems. We focus on fast and robust methods including image reconstruction and image analysis tools.

Ongoing research projects

  • MR imaging and metabolic imaging in adult and pediatric brain tumors
  • MR imaging and spectroscopy of metabolism and mitochondrial function in metabolic disorders
  • Functional metabolic imaging of cerebral physiology in brain disorders

Completed research projects

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