RF and Safety Group

Design and build coil arrays for application oriented research, study RF safety aspects of custom built RF coils, interactions with medical implants and MRI in general.

The RF and safety group has an extensive track record in RF coil array design for ultrahigh field imaging. Design concepts are typically explored by numerical simulations after which a coil array with optimized parameters is built for testing in the MRI scanner. In addition, also RF safety simulations are performed to establish safe power limits for in-vivo use of these custom built coils and coil arrays.

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In addition to the RF safety of custom built coil arrays, the RF and safety group has also explored the area of implant safety. Novel approaches for implant safety assessment have been presented and successfully applied on selected products of interested companies.

More recently, the RF and safety group is focusing at MR Thermometry for RF safety assessment in general and coil array development for the upcoming 14T MRI system.

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Ongoing research projects

  • RF safety for medical implants in MRI
  • Use of AI for 7T body imaging applications
  • Development of highly sensitive MR thermometry for RF safety purposes
  • RF coil array development for 7T and 14T

Completed research projects

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